Interest Form: 2024 Tree Planting 10-week Conditioning program

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    This program is designed specifically for tree planters by a tree planter / Athletic Therapist. I’ve blended my expertise on: injury assessment, injury treatment, injury prevention, fitness, lifting and moving, and my 9 years of planting. My main goal is to help you get physically prepared for the upcoming tree planting season. This is an investment for injury prevention for your body.

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    Price: 75 + tax

    Course dates:

    • The program will be available for purchase starting January 13, 2024. This is for planters that: have an earlier start date, want more time for each phase, and/or would like more time in general to work around school, work, life etc.
    • The week of Feb 11, 2024 is ideal for purchase when you have a start date between April 20 – May 5, 2024. I will be holding the live session with this timeline

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